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About Peck Digital


Thing are good enough

Digital solutions for your business

Peck Digital also known as Peck was founded on the 26th of December, 2016. It  is a subsidiary company duly registered under Legnave Internet Companies in Nigeria (RC 2674244). Peck Digital is a Creative & Online Marketing Organization.

Peck Digital consists of I.T professionals and other media experts. We believe in analyzing carefully, our clients’ demands in order to generate the best possible results.

Our goal was and still is to help as well as enabling businesses/marketing enthusiast to leverage and maximize the dynamic and ever-changing digital space doing awesome marketing.

Peck Digitals Team

We are a team of young, passionate, smart, creative and marketing experienced individuals, who have worked as marketing professionals in different sectors of Nigeria for both local and international organizations.

What Do We Believe In

At Peck Digital, we know marketing helps businesses to achieve their goals and objectives but due to the ever-changing landscape, organisations and professionals need to keep evolving therefore, we believe marketing should be two things, which are Creative And Effective.

  • Creative, that it makes Leonardo Davinci’s ears tingle – Creativity draws attention and eyeballs especially when it’s executed with target audience first in mind.
  • Effective, that it makes you gain respect at the revenue table. Anything worth doing is worth every penny. So effective marketing achieves goals and breaks records.